ai.backend.client.func.base의 소스 코드

import functools
import inspect

from ..session import api_session, AsyncSession

__all__ = (

def _wrap_method(cls, orig_name, meth):

    def _method(*args, **kwargs):
        # We need to keep the original attributes so that they could be correctly
        # bound to the class/instance at runtime.
        func = getattr(cls, orig_name)
        coro = func(*args, **kwargs)
        _api_session = api_session.get()
        if _api_session is None:
            raise RuntimeError(
                "API functions must be called "
                "inside the context of a valid API session",
        if isinstance(_api_session, AsyncSession):
            return coro
            if inspect.isasyncgen(coro):
                return _api_session.worker_thread.execute_generator(coro)
                return _api_session.worker_thread.execute(coro)

    return _method

def api_function(meth):
    Mark the wrapped method as the API function method.
    setattr(meth, '_backend_api', True)
    return meth

class APIFunctionMeta(type):
    Converts all methods marked with :func:`api_function` into
    session-aware methods that are either plain Python functions
    or coroutines.
    _async = True

    def __init__(cls, name, bases, attrs, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(name, bases, attrs)
        for attr_name, attr_value in attrs.items():
            if hasattr(attr_value, '_backend_api'):
                orig_name = '_orig_' + attr_name
                setattr(cls, orig_name, attr_value)
                wrapped = _wrap_method(cls, orig_name, attr_value)
                setattr(cls, attr_name, wrapped)

class BaseFunction(metaclass=APIFunctionMeta):