Source code for ai.backend.client.admin

from typing import Any, Mapping, Optional

from .base import api_function
from .request import Request

__all__ = (

[docs]class Admin: ''' Provides the function interface for making admin GrapQL queries. .. note:: Depending on the privilege of your API access key, you may or may not have access to querying/mutating server-side resources of other users. ''' session = None '''The client session instance that this function class is bound to.'''
[docs] @api_function @classmethod async def query(cls, query: str, variables: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, ) -> Any: ''' Sends the GraphQL query and returns the response. :param query: The GraphQL query string. :param variables: An optional key-value dictionary to fill the interpolated template variables in the query. :returns: The object parsed from the response JSON string. ''' gql_query = { 'query': query, 'variables': variables if variables else {}, } rqst = Request(cls.session, 'POST', '/admin/graphql') rqst.set_json(gql_query) async with rqst.fetch() as resp: return await resp.json()